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Easy Oven-Cooked Ribs (Seriously, anyone can do this!)

Hey there all you cool cats and kittens! (Are you tired of hearing that yet?) Sorry for the Tiger King reference. I am not usually into these types of shows- but you know- a little distraction is good during times like these, and …THE MEMES! 🙂 Today I am sharing my recipe for oven-broiled ribs […]

My Quarantine Kitchen Volume I: Homemade Cheese Steak Sandwiches

Having a little more time means I get to make meals that impress my family more than, say, once a month. Make no mistake- I am still telling my family to eat scraps or cereal or freezer foods or Cheetos- you catch my drift. But I am trying to meal plan more so I can […]

Why New Orleans is the Best City in the United States (Part I)

If you know me personally, you were probably expecting this post. Thomas (my husband) and I visited New Orleans for the first time in 2009, for our first wedding anniversary. Since then, we’ve been back countless times- and each time we return, we uncover a corner of the city that we hadn’t seen before. There […]

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